Here’s what some of our satisfied members have to say about FKP MMA:

My 10 year old daughter attends this dojo. In the years that she has trained at Franco FKP she has gained strength, discipline and a ton more confidenceā€¦. Highly Recommended!       – Jeff Lam (PeeWee Program)
I’ve been training Kickboxing for a year now and just over a month ago I had the opportunity to join and train in/with FKP MMA, it was the best thing to happen to my training! Mr. Franco, Mr. Martin, Miss Demers and the rest of the team and instructors are incredibly well versed, experienced, skilled, knowledgeable, patient and professional with every student/member knowing that everyone starts at a different level or skill set. Breaking everything down to such a simple and incredibly effective way that it’s so easy for everyone to pick up and to build themselves and their skills up to whatever level they want to! In the midst of everything going on during these COVID times FKP MMA pays just as much attention to the top notch training as they do to the cleanliness of the facility before and after training, distancing of students/members, temperature checking, hand sanitizer, following all protocols and genuinely making sure everyone is comfortable and safe during their time there! I couldn’t be more impressed with the facility, instructors, the team and everything they’ve done and continue to do with everything during these times! I would recommend FKP MMA to anyone wanting an amazing full body workout, learning new techniques and skills, training for themselves or taking it to the next level. Whatever it is you’re looking for FKP MMA has everything anyone could ever be looking for!– Drew (Muay Thai/Kickboxing)
FKP MMA continues to excel at what they do, especially during Covid. They have outstanding safety protocols in place while teaching martial arts at its highest standards. I feel safe with my boys entering the dojo with temperature checks, sanitization and distancing in place. Thank you to the staff for helping our kids continue with this essential service during this difficult time in our lives.– Lia Belgris (PeeWee Program)
My enthusiasm for FKP is threefold: (1) The FKP cardio classes are an insane workout but at the same time is suitable for all skill levels – you are responsible for pushing yourself and your partner (but also, no one will shame you on an off day). (2) FKP is a community where I’ve made good friends and, as a woman, I feel comfortable. No bro culture. (3) Mr. Franco runs a tight ship for a tight workout. He has instilled discipline and focus in a person who doesn’t naturally have those things (me). Credentials: I’ve been training with Mr. Franco for over five years!– STEPHANIE WONG (Kickboxing/Conditioning)